Moods and Attitudes Are Contagious

We always hear the saying that your mood becomes that of which you surround yourself with, a very true statement, if we allow for it. I tend to be a sponge, I soak up what’s around me if I’m not careful. I would like to be better at not allowing the attitudes of others to sway me into feeling one way or another, which sometimes requires me to harden my sponginess. I used to think I walked around in a bubble, in fact I’ve been told a few times that people could see me in a bubble. The issue is my bubble has burst and each time I put myself in a new one it seems to get thinner. So, I’m abandoning the bubble altogether and just going to insulate myself the best I can. Don’t get me wrong- I’m still affected and nine times out of ten you’ll see your mood and attitude reflected on my face. My face holds mostly all of my emotions, there are times I am oblivious to others around me though so if you see me frowning while everyone else is smiling it’s because that’s my mood. So how do we embrace the moods and attitudes of others without allowing them to infiltrate our own psyche?

One way I can think of doing this is to remind myself that I cannot control others around me, I can only control how I respond. I get to make a conscious choice on my own mood, This usually prompts me to reevaluate how I am perceiving the other person and/or the situation pertaining to the mood being reflected. I also try to be more aware of my own mood and how I may be impacting others, because even though yes, we are ultimately responsible for ourselves, we are not automatons- we are in fact impacted by others. When we become aware, we can behave in a manner that can affect the moods of others around us. An example of this is if I am in a bad mood, my husband will most often reflect that right back to me, he becomes a mirror and I see what I must be putting off. The same can be said when situations are reversed. I have realized how much we can change the air around us in positive and negative ways, just by making a series of decisions.

What do you do to affect the moods or attitudes of those around you? Or do you notice the moods of others around you? Have you ever put yourself in a mood/attitude bubble?

Thoughts always welcome!




Welcome dear readers. This is a look inside my mind and an invitation to explore with me the human condition. I have always been the questioner, the arguer, the seeker of answers to the why’s of life. I have spent 30+ years on this journey and have come to some conclusions that seem to lead to more questions. Isn’t that just how it goes? Right when you think you have found an answer, you are brought to a whole new world that needs exploring, thus the process begins anew.

I took a “What are your strengths?” test a few years ago (mandatory by my psychologist) and it turns out that my two strengths are learning (or being a student) and attaining serendipity (making the best out of random circumstances). I am not usually one that believes in the personality tests, but I must admit that this one had me pegged! I am most definitely a student in every single aspect of my life. Serendipity is my favorite word and I’ll speak more on that later. In the mean time, I am currently exploring ideas and learning more about love and relationships. I consider February to not only be Black History Month, but also LOVE month. I am perpetual student in the love department, even now that I have found it and am married in it, there is still much more to learn.

This student of love is focusing on what it means to love in my own way and to pass that love on to the receiver (my husband) in a way that belongs only to him. We all express and receive love  in different ways, and it’s up to us to do a little exploring of ourselves and our significant others to find out what those ways are, minus the expectations. So, this is another invitation that I’ll extend to you- seek out the ways you love and how you receive it, do you ever hesitate because of an expectation (i.e.- I should be shown love in x,y,z ways)? When was the last time you paid attention to the person next to you and saw that their expression of love is what they want to show and now what you think  it “should” be?

Those are the questions I will leave you to introspectively seek.

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