Perception, Beliefs, and Reality

Perception, Beliefs, and Reality

My husband and I are seekers of truth. In a world filled with many different versions of truth and reality, how do our perceptions and beliefs play a role in defining what is real? 

We are exploring these topics in our new documentary called “Infinite Mind Network”. We believe that our brains are a lot like a network of sorts, there are hubs of information where we store information i.e. memories, language, emotion. Our brains are capable of billions of connections, and when you think of an idea and then share it with another brain that is also capable of billions of connections, well now you’re creating a network. We base most of our lives off of our perceptions, which in turn create our beliefs, which influence what we think our reality is or should be. We are constantly creating networks based off of the information we are taking in, as well as outputting. 

The question we want to know is why? Why do we choose to perceive and believe what we do? How do our brains determine what to believe and what to throw out? We are pattern seeking humans, we look for meaning in things that may not hold any- why? We are looking for people who would like to share in this journey with us, those are asking these questions about truth. If you’d like to contribute or share or post ideas of your own for us to explore please feel free to comment and share! Our current interviewee line up is as follows- Michael Schermer, Paul Bloom, and Donald Hoffman.

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