Embrace Each Other

I was asked by a wonderful friend of mine if I would share a blurb about hugs. I had already been contemplating sharing my thoughts about affection so apparently the universe has decided that I really need to write about this. I  believe in the power of touch, it can both be harmful and helpful depending on the intention behind it. A simple gesture such as a hug, has the power to transform us. I’ve been saying for years I wish I could have a full time job just hugging people. I know that for some people it’s an invasion of space, but when you look at the psychological and physiological benefits of it, well I believe it can break down even the toughest of walls. The studies on the power of touch have shown that even a six second embrace can release the hormone oxytocin which is a natural stress reducer, mood booster, and bonding agent. So those quick little encounters in which we share our space gives us the chance to change our outlook on our day- even if it’s just for a moment.

In my experience, when I am embracing my husband I get the sensation of the world melting away and the troubles of the day fade into the distance. I can physically feel myself changing in those moments. When embracing my friends and family whether it’s the hello or good-bye hug, there is a brief moment when we have the chance to uplift each other. The times when we are low, just the act  of putting our arms around another or being embraced by another can help us feel less alone. The power to change a life in such a small way should never be taken for granted.

Something to keep in mind the next time you embrace someone- be mindful for a moment and remember the power of that embrace. Ya never know- you may have changed or possibly saved a life. It may sound hokey or unrealistic, and if you don’t believe me- google it 😉 The studies to back me up are plentiful. So go out and try it for yourself- embrace someone you love or if you’re brave enough- ask to embrace a stranger.



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