3 a.m. mind cage

Lately my brain has taken to waking me up at 3 a.m. and it keeps me up until 5:30-6. I toss and turn and tell it to shut up, it laughs at me. I ruminate over all the little things that I try to block out during my waking hours. I’m beginning to think that’s not the best idea.

My mind is trapped in it’s own cage. Words form like prison bars, each bar chasing away precious minutes of sleep. I only find reprieve when my body finally wins and I succumb to the chatter, sleep overtakes my body- but my brain gives way to dreams. Now the thoughts are animated, full of color and form. When I awake I am even more tired than before ever going to bed. Psychology will tell me that I am not processing everything and that is why I wake up and the cage forms, I have tried relaxtion and counting sheep- to no avail.

Anyone else experience this? Thoughts always welcome.


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