Good Exists

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In this great big world it is sometimes hard to find the good in it. We are normally inundated with all the things that are wrong- global warming, war, poverty, addiction, FEAR-FEAR-FEAR! Sorting through the fear mess we can catch glimpses of hope- brief encounters with others, stories of the triumph within the human spirit, love prevailing over all. These moments are so precious to me, they fill my heart up and I feel overflowing with gratitude for the good that exists.

My  husband and I try to contribute to the good in the world. We have begun going to our home town to assist with helping the homeless during the holidays. We are doing what we can for the area we are in as well. Our friends are doing the same. One story that I came across today had me bawling my eyes out at work while trying to read it aloud to my co-workers- the best part is a friend of mine is the reason for it. The story is this- she works in Phoenix at a Best Buy and every day she sees a man on the corner who is homeless. A few weeks ago he came into the store and asked if there was any water that is not for sale, she promptly showed him their water fountain. For the rest of that week and into the next he came in 3-4 times a day to drink water, my friend decided to help him out and buy him a water container that  he could fill up once a day and carry it with him. Shortly after this she goes to lunch one afternoon and asks him if he would like anything. He declined, stating she’d done enough already. She bought it for him anyway- when she gave it to him he cried and thanked her. From that day forward she packed a lunch for him everyday and sat with him to eat and chat.

She learned during this time that he has been suffering from addiction and lost everything just as he was trying to get his life together, she learned that he had a daughter, and that he has been sober for 8 months now. She talked to him about getting back on his feet and ended up helping him get dress clothes so that he could go to a job interview. He showed up at her work in his nice clothes and informed her today that he got a job at Wal-mart. He invited her to visit him and when she did today she saw him surrounded by co-workers doing training.

Sometimes people just need to be given a chance. Because even within the bad- GOOD EXISTS. We have the power to change lives for the better. We just need to remember that.


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