To My Daughter

To my sweet, beautiful, smart girl,

When you were born I looked at you and said you were the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen, I loved you instantly with a fierceness that I didn’t know was possible. My heart was so full I thought I might literally explode with joy. I knew from that day forward I’d do whatever it took to protect you, even if that meant doing really hard things. You’ve been a fighter from the start and 14 years in, you’re still fighting and making your way through life. It’s unrealistic for me to think that I can protect you from heart break- unfortunately my darling girl, it is a part of life. What I do want for you is to not let it break you- your wonderful spirit, your smile, or take away your hope that life isn’t always as painful as it seems.

My wish for you is that you will value yourself and allow others to see how brilliant your beautiful  mind is, don’t let them see just an outer shell. You are so much more than your pretty face and anyone who tells you different doesn’t deserve your precious time. Time is not something we can get back- so make the most of it, but do so wisely. Pay close attention to who and what you are giving your time too. My grandmother told me that life is all about the choices you make- she was right. I trust you to make good choices, I also know that you’ll make mistakes, and that is also a part of life- I will never disown you for a mistake you’ve made. I will be here no matter what.

When it comes to love- don’t just give it away to the first boy who comes along. Your love is something even more precious than time. When you do fall in love, real love, you will feel like you’re walking on clouds and you’ll be excited every day. First love is indescribable. I hope that the person who loves you will be one who inspires you to be you, who accepts you for who you are, and who makes you laugh. I hope they appreciate how intelligent you are and that they are also intelligent enough to know that you deserve to be happy and treated with respect. Relationships are built on trust, communication, and mututal respect- don’t settle for anything less.  Most of all, don’t lose yourself in someone else, when it’s real love you become an even more amazing version of yourself and so do they. It’s a balancing of each other, always remember that. Don’t be afraid to fight, conflict is ok- as long as it’s not abusive. Never let a man or woman lay a hand on you or an unkind word and the same goes for you- if you feel the need to be violent please just walk away. Love is worth fighting for, but not at the hands of someone else. Real love exists- this I can promise you.

I am and always will be incredibly proud of you, as long as you are trying and doing the best you can, I won’t ask for more than that. Just know that I’m not afraid to push you to be better though, I see so much in you and know your heart, so if I nudge you in a positive direction try not to hold it against me. I will love you through this life and then some. I hope you will always know that.


Your mom


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