What does it mean to dream?


(Image courtesy of kickofjoy.com)

Dream has become synonymous with action in the mind, it is no longer just about sleeping and living in a dream world for 6-8 hours a night. To dream means to create- we create our dream life, essentially you are creating what lies inside your mind. We hold tightly to our dreams, doing everything we can to make them a reality. We hear slogans all the time- if you dream it you can achieve it, you can do anything if you follow your dreams! How far do we get when chasing our dreams? What happens when our dreams become nightmares?

Sometimes dreaming is painful. When you want something so badly and it seems just beyond your reach, yet you continue to dream almost to the point of obsession. I have spent my entire working life helping everyone else achieve their dreams, I keep forgetting what mine even are. I shove them down and say “I’ll get to you later” or “Maybe after I get out of this situation or that”…always maybe if or when. The truth is the time is now. I can no longer afford to wait.

It seems there is a paradigm shift taking place in the world. We are having to rethink what the system is that we are in, we have to evolve. Maybe our dreams are more within reach than we realize. Maybe we really will see the day when our dreams and reality collide. That begs the question though of is that good or bad?


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