Where did the time go?

We hear the phrase so often- where does/did the time go? We constantly feel like life is passing by in a blur or in my case  in a series of WTF’s per minute. Time is the funny thing we’re always chasing or running from, and yet in Einstein’s world it’s all relative and doesn’t really exist at all. That’s a rabbit hole for another day. Time is this magical place where you can backwards and forwards and stand still all at once, simply by thinking about it. Isn’t that kind of a neat thought? Time heals all wounds right? Time- the giant bandaid that helps you put yourself back together again.

What about when it comes to love? How does time affect/effect l.o.v.e.? Some would say time can make love grow stronger, others would say the complete opposite- love can be fleeting and time takes it away. In my 35 years of life I’ve experienced both. I’ve fallen in love in a day and fallen out of love in under a minute, time doesn’t seem to care how fickle the heart is.

I find the sensation of time fascinating, the feeling of movement in stillness, which technically is an illusion. Can you feel it passing? Can you feel it swirling all around you the incessant ticking of an unforeseen clock? I watch the seconds fly by on the atomic clock on the wall, the clock that keeps time to the beat of the Earth. The feeling that it’s running out is palpable. How many more seconds do we have left? And what are we doing with what we have? 

Ah yes- the ultimate question in the end, what will we do with what we have been given? Why do we wait until the end to always ask- where did the time go? 


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