What Have We Created?

murraygreenpool2I sit weeping. My tears continuously flow for a man whom I’ve never met but who influenced my life since I was a child. The passing of a “celebrity” doesn’t usually impact me in such a strong way, but this loss, the loss of Robin Williams feels extremely personal. I feel responsible for this death, we all should, look at what we’ve created in this world. How many more people, celebrity or not, have to die because of the world we are creating? The stress levels in the world impact us all, depression impacts us all, addiction impacts us all, there is a ripple effect and we have to acknowledge that- or more will continue to die. 

I know, we all run around saying “Wake up!” everyone, why can’t you see? I know that there is no easy answer or solution to the worlds problems, but we are part of both. Life doesn’t have to be this way, it doesn’t have to be this painful. We need each other, we need to address so much in the world that it feels paralyzing, but one spark can ignite the fire necessary for change. I believe that, I have to believe that. 

If we can create a world where people look around and can’t see a reason to live, why can’t we create a world that is worth living for? Or can we? Can we see the good in everything, even the bad? Is there a way to see that even if today seems like the worst day, that with the next sunrise it’ll be better?


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