Things No one Tells You


Life should come with an instruction manual sometimes, or an in case of emergency pull this lever. No on ever told me that life would be so painful and full of joy all at the same time. No one ever told me that the person who loves you the most will most likely also be the one to hurt you the most. No one ever told me that words spoken or left unsaid can kill. There’s power in that but no one ever told me. I figured this all out on my own.

There are days when I feel like completely giving up on life, when I look in the mirror on those days my brain defaults to – “you’re a failure at life”, to which I begin the argument of prove/disprove, real/unreal, true/untrue. Sometimes it works, sometimes it takes longer to work. Maybe I should have higher expectations, but at the end of the day all I really want is to be grateful for being alive and for finding a way to actually live.


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