What Hope Means to a Friend

A very special thanks to my friends Kristina and her fiance’ Levi for sharing their thoughts on hope. Enjoy.

“Hope what a general word. Hope is used everyday by millions of people in the broadest sense. In phrases such as ‘I hope to win the lottery’, ‘I hope to have a good day at work.’ ‘I hope this works out for me.’ So what is hope really? Is hope an inherited trait that makes us human? Hope is more than a feeling, more than a wish, more than what is beyond human comprehension. When you are in your darkest hour and it seems all hope is gone, hope is still there. You can’t feel it, you can’t see it , but it is still there. Hope is a friend saying hello, hope is a stranger giving you a hand. Hope is what’s left when you’ve given yourself to your circumstances. When life has beaten you down, taking you for everything you have, and deprived you of all joy, hope is that small voice that tells you to take one more step. For in that step, that split second in your life, that single simple decision you can change your destiny. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, hope will be there.”


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