Wicked Itch of Hope

The following post was written by Tonya June Moore, she is a very dear friend of my mine who I love and respect very much. Her perspective truly mirrors what I find to be true of hope. Enjoy!

“Hope is kind of a wicked itch that I just can’t scratch. Hope is an esoteric idea that is hard to wrap my brain around. Yet I want it, I must have it, it must guide me.

I used to just hope… hope for a better life, hope for the future, hope for hopes sake… I was filled with this hope, my cup literally ran over with it. One would think with all of this hope I would be so happy, so content, so full of joy… but I wasn’t.

I was anxious and miserable. I prayed, held steadfast to my guiding light, showed others the importance of hope. But I felt so hopeless. Nothing was changing good, bad, or otherwise. I was stuck… hoping.

Then one day I stopped. I stopped messing with this bitch we call hope and started DOING. I stopped hoping for something better and started making things better. I gave hope the boot, shoved her out the window to her most immediate demise. I was tired of her constant promises, her shining beacon for me to follow. I began to LIVE.

My whole life changed for the better. My thoughts were not of something that might be but what is, now. I began living in the present. I started seeing changes that were happening.

Then it hit me.

I was experiencing the pure manifestation of hope.

Hope cannot exist as only hope. It must accompany action for its destiny to be fulfilled.

Do not let this lady walk alone, for she cannot. She will just stand holding all that is beautiful in a tight embrace, frozen. She is waiting for you to take her hand and move with her in an elegant dance. She responds to your gentlest guidance with overflowing abundance, giving you thanks for helping hope become reality.”


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